Deportivo La Coruna’s Lucas Perez’s dream is real: local lad leaves LaLiga behind to rescue his boyhood club

When Lucas Perez was growing up in the La Coruna neighborhood of Galicia, he dreamed of playing for the local team, Deportivo La Coruna. He would often wear his blue and white jersey to school and to pick-up games in the park.

As he got older, Lucas pursued his passion for football, joining local youth teams and eventually making his way up to the senior level. He impressed scouts from larger clubs and was soon playing in LaLiga, the top league in Spain.

But no matter where Lucas played, his heart remained in La Coruna. He dreamed of one day returning to his boyhood club and helping them regain their former glory.

That dream became a reality in 2021, when Lucas made the decision to leave LaLiga behind and sign with Deportivo. It wasn’t an easy choice – he was leaving behind the bright lights and big paychecks of a top level league – but it was the right one for him.

“For me, playing for Deportivo has always been a dream,” Lucas said in a press conference announcing his signing. “I grew up supporting this club, and I couldn’t be happier to be back home.”

Lucas’s return to La Coruna has been met with excitement from fans of the club. He’s seen as a local hero who has come back to rescue his beloved team from their recent struggles.

And while it’s still early days in his return to Deportivo, Lucas has already made an impact on the pitch. He’s scored several key goals and brought a new energy to the team.

For Lucas, playing for Deportivo isn’t just about football – it’s about giving back to his community and helping his boyhood club achieve its dreams. “I’m so happy to be able to wear the La Coruna jersey again,” he says. “It’s a symbol of everything I love about this city and this team.”