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Press Release May 2013

Quantum Solutions Limited is delighted to announce the purchase of the business Island Web Works.

Island Web Works is a respected web services and software development provider and shares many similarities with Quantum who will continue to provide client service delivery to IWW’s clients and retain the IWW name.

Commenting on the sale, principal of IWW, Charles Douthwaite stated:

“I am pleased to have worked with Simon Robinson of Quantum on this transaction and will continue to be on hand to assist with the transition for clients, ensuring that they receive the service levels that we have worked so hard to attain at IWW. Quantum was the right cultural fit with IWW and both businesses have followed similar paths over the last 10 years’.

Commenting on the deal, Simon Robinson Managing Director of Quantum stated: “This is the right move for Quantum, working with IWW will ensure that we bring further opportunities and expertise to both businesses. I will look forward to working with Charles over the coming months to ensure that IWW’s clients receive a professional and seamless service.”

Quantum Solutions has been providing software development services on the island for over 10 years supporting clients to drive efficiencies and cost benefits through their businesses by using bespoke solutions.

Change of ownership at Island Web Works

I would like to tell you about the recent change of ownership at Island Web Works. Effective from the 2nd May, Quantum Solutions Limited purchased the company and all associated products including our MIGTurbo CRM software.

The principal of Quantum is Simon Robinson. Quantum have been providing software development services to many Isle of Man businesses for the last 10 years and have established a good reputation for quality service. (You may already use their “Paymann” Isle of Man payroll solution or another Quantum software product.)

Professional service to our clients has always been of paramount importance to us and I am happy to have selected a partner who shares these values. To ensure minimum disruption to you, there will be no changes to our contact details in the short term. I shall be working with Simon over the coming months to ensure clients receive appropriate service during the handover.

Simon will be contacting you over the next few weeks to introduce himself personally. A press release will also be issued shortly to inform people about this exciting new development.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of our clients for making the past twelve years such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I trust you will continue to support the new owners who I am confident will continue to offer the same high levels of service.

Kindest regards

Charles Douthwaite

Current Projects

We are currently working on a number of exciting development projects, including SharePoint Integration with MIGTurbo and a new enhanced MS Office toolbar enabling access to client information, MS SharePoint, Laserfiche Document Management and a variety of 3rd party software products.

If you would like to find out more about how we are helping our clients improve their business processes, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

By email:
By phone: 01624 610606

Web Snippets 22nd September 2014

Creating a 'Bitcoin Island'

Unlike jurisdictions which have made crypto-currencies illegal, such as Bangladesh and Bolivia, or regulated them so fiercely that they stifle innovation entirely, like New York, the Isle of Man is welcoming them with open arms. So much so that it recently helped to organise a conference called Crypto Valley looking to bring in new startups, and has lent a hand creating a crypto-tech incubator programme.
The government’s positive stance on Bitcoin provides stability and certainty - it has begun to regulate crypto-currencies, but only enough to provide legal and financial stability, not to squash innovation.
In the next month or two changes to law will come in which require crypto businesses to register with the government and carry out some due diligence to avoid money laundering and other financial irregularities.

Phone is the future says MasterCard as it welcomes Apple Pay

MasterCard has welcomed Apple to the payments world, and pointed to the mobile phone as one of the things that should help solve a multitude of problems.
Speaking to TechRadar at the launch of Transport for London's contactless card payment system, MasterCard UK and Ireland president Marion King said it was an exciting time as technology changes the way we pay for things.
One of the big issues in payment currently is the problem with 'card clash' - with NFC's technology falling short of differentiating between cards.
But King is keen to see the latest technology start to solve these problems as we get used to keeping our various payment cards separately or being more careful with how we touch card readers.

Turn your iPad into a virtual reality headset with AirVR - but prepare to look very silly

Fancy experiencing virtual reality (VR) without buying an expensive headset like the Oculus Rift? Then AirVR can help.
Users simply slot their own iPad mini or iPhone 6 Plus into the AirVR device and download a VR app to create an immersive 3D experience.
AirVR has a number of dedicated apps, including one to watch 3D movies and videos, one for browsing and taking photos and one for exploring the 360 degree panoramas that you can take on your Apple device. Users can also find a range of VR-ready apps and games on the App Store.
The makers of the device are currently seeking $20,000 in funding on Kickstarter. You can pre-order the headset for $49.

Web Snippets 15th September 2014

Apple Watch unveiled alongside new larger iPhones

Apple has unveiled a smartwatch - the Apple Watch – which runs apps, acts as a health and fitness tracker and communicates with the iPhone. The company also launched two new handsets, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, that are larger than previous models and could help prevent users migrating to Android. The Apple Watch is controlled by a dial on its side that allows content on its touchscreen to be magnified or scrolled through. In addition, the device runs Siri - Apple's voice-controlled "personal assistant". The watch relies on its user owning an iPhone 5 or more recent model and will be available from "early 2015" at a cost of $349 (£216).

Motorola Moto 360 review: beautiful smartwatch spoiled by poor battery life

The Motorola Moto 360 is the flagship Android Wear smartwatch and the first with a round screen that looks more like a traditional watch than a geeky gadget. Like every other Android Wear watch it connects to an Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It can tell the time, set alarms and timers, show steps and heart rate, or your agenda for the day. When connected to a smartphone, notifications ping from the phone to the watch with a vibrating alert, allowing wearers to see who’s calling, chatting, emailing or any other notification. The Moto 360 looks great, works well and is comfortable to wear but its battery life is poor. At £200 the Motorola Moto 360 is currently the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch.

Google buys firm behind spoon for Parkinson's patients

Google has bought a biotech company that has developed a spoon designed to make life easier for people with diseases such as Parkinson's.The spoon developed by Lift Labs is equipped with sensors that detect tremors and cancels them out by as much as 70%, according to the firm. The technology it uses is similar to image stabilisation features in cameras that compensate for shaky hands when taking a photo. Google is gradually increasing its health portfolio. In January it unveiled its smart contact lenses that measure glucose levels in tears to help monitor people with conditions such as diabetes. And in July it announced an ambitious science project - Baseline Study - to collect anonymous genetic and molecular information to create a picture of what a healthy human should be like.

Web Snippets September 8th 2014


Intel launches first 14-nanometre processor for thin fanless PCs

Intel has launched a generation of processors with the smallest transistors ever featured in a commercial product. The Core M chip is the first in the family of Intel's next-generation Broadwell processors. The tech offers improved computing power and better battery life, according to Intel. The firm has managed to make the physical size of the Core M 50% smaller and 30% thinner than that of the equivalent last-generation Haswell chip, which featured 22-nanometre (meaning billionths of a metre) transistors. According to the company, users should experience 50% faster computing performance and 40% faster graphics performance with Core M than a comparable last-generation chip.

Apple iPhones among 'most stolen' handsets - Home Office

Apple's latest iPhone models were the smartphones most likely to be stolen in England and Wales between August 2012 and January 2014, figures suggest. A Mobile Phone Theft Ratio compiled by the Home Office indicates the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and 4S were most targeted, followed by the Blackberry 9790. Apple said it was leading the industry in protecting people's devices. Home Secretary Theresa May: "People are increasingly carrying their lives in their pockets, with bank details, emails and other sensitive personal information easily accessible through mobile phones. "This is why it is vital that government, police and industry work together to tackle this crime." "With iOS 7, Find My iPhone includes a feature called Activation Lock, which is designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone... if you ever lose it. This can help you keep your device secure, even if it is in the wrong hands, and can improve your chances of recovering it."

Doodle over your photos with Facebook Messenger

It would be fair to say that Facebook's decision to force people to download a separate app, in order to continue to use Messenger on mobile, has not been particularly well-received. Now though, the social network is giving you an extra incentive to download the app by providing a simple annotation tool that let's you add text and doodles to photos before sending them. Once you've selected the picture you want to include in your message all you need to do is hit edit instead of send, and then you can doodle over your image or type in, resize and reposition text. The feature is currently only available on the Android version of the app.