Software development

Under our Circle2 brand, we develop software applications that solve business problems using a predominantly Microsoft Tool set.

The Circle2 Proposition

Many organisations would like a software development capability but do not want the associated cost or risk of taking on in-house software projects.  Circle2 allows businesses to outsource the development process and mitigate the accompanying risk.

We offer

  • Proven Track Record
  • Proven Project Methodology
  • Agreed Specification
  • Agreed Timescales
  • Fixed Cost
  • Agreed Payment Schedules based on Project Milestones
  • Formal Dispute Resolution Procedure
  • Risk Mitigation

Examples of recent projects include:-

Data Consolidation

Taking data from multiple, disparate sources, such as CRM, LaserFiche, SharePoint etc., and integrating it into a single view to provide users with a single consistent version of client information. Consolidated Data can be presented via an MS Office Toolbar, custom application or customisation of an existing product.

Data Warehouse

Development of a data warehouse solution supporting the upload of large datasets from a mainframe application. Once uploaded the data is subjected to a range of business validation rules to remove invalid entries and highlight any erroneous/fraudulent transactions. The processed (and optimised) data is then used to automatically produce management and dashboard reporting.

Stock control and invoicing system

Re-development of a legacy DOS based stock control and sales software with .NET technologies, a MS SQL database and Windows Authentication for client logins. Software updates are rolled out automatically for reduced management overhead.

EFURB Loan Book

Loan book to manage loans made from an Employer Funded Retirement Benefit Scheme (EFURB). This development is typical of a business process managed in Microsoft Excel, which quickly became unwieldy as demand increased. Developed as a .NET/SQL 2008 application, the system manages the whole loan process, calculates loan interest due, and generates statements for automatic distribution by email in PDF format.

Crew Management Data Portal

An authenticated client portal using secure web connections to access data held on a legacy MS SQL database system, this solution has extended the useful life of a key business system and provided an enhanced service offering to the end users.

Loan Book and Secure Extranet

Developed to manage loan accounts, calculating interest and fees on loans made to legal firms. Extranet enables clients to request additional funds, settle outstanding loans and view statements online.

Archive management system

Used to track movements of documentation archived in a 3rd party repository (external to the business).

Page layout software

Used to manage advertisements sold and the placement of those adverts within the final publication.

Payment request system

Used to generate and manage requests for payments against client accounts, including the necessary bank routing information. The payment request system interfaces with a third part accounting application.

Client access module

Providing clients remote access to internal CRM software to minimise back office call handling.

Secure messaging system

Used for secure communications between client and company via the internet.

Document management integration with accounting software

Providing dynamic links from the client’s trust accounting software to documents stored in a Laserfiche document imaging system.

Policy management system

Used to track policies under management and management of the associated ‘back office’ tasks necessary to complete the application process

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