Established in 2001 specialising in Web design and ecommerce, we are committed to using cutting edge technologies for corporate web site and intranet development.


Today, we specialise in the development of bespoke software and process automation solutions. Much of our work centres on .NET software development, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data consolidation.

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    Press Release May 2013

    Quantum Solutions Limited is delighted to announce the purchase of the business Island Web Works.

    Island Web Works is a respected web services and software development provider and shares many similarities with Quantum who will continue to provide client service delivery to IWW’s clients and retain the IWW name.

    Commenting on the sale, principal of IWW, Charles Douthwaite stated:

    “I am pleased to have worked with Simon Robinson of Quantum on this transaction and will continue to be on hand to assist with the transition for clients, ensuring that they receive the service levels that we have worked so hard to attain at IWW. Quantum was the right cultural fit with IWW and both businesses have followed similar paths over the last 10 years’.

    Commenting on the deal, Simon Robinson Managing Director of Quantum stated: “This is the right move for Quantum, working with IWW will ensure that we bring further opportunities and expertise to both businesses. I will look forward to working with Charles over the coming months to ensure that IWW’s clients receive a professional and seamless service.”

    Quantum Solutions has been providing software development services on the island for over 10 years supporting clients to drive efficiencies and cost benefits through their businesses by using bespoke solutions.

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    Web Snippets 3rd February 2014

    Dot Ninja: 100 New Web Domains Go Live

    More than 100 new domain names – the first tranche of 1,000 domain names to be released this year – have gone live. Until now, web users could choose from just 22 top-level domain names including .com, .net, and .org. Amongst the new domain names are location and trade-specific names, such as .berlin for the German capital, and .build for the construction industry. There are also some wacky names like .ninja and .cool. The most in-demand domain is expected to be the suffix شبكة which is pronounced "dot shabaka". It is the first generic top-level domain in Arabic. Tech commentators have described it as the web’s "big bang" and the biggest "online land rush" in history.

    Why ultra high-definition TVs are about to take off

    Firms like Netflix and YouTube have all announced support for 4K, also known as ultra high-definition TV. 4K refers to the 3840-pixel horizontal resolution of the screens – in other words, nearly 4000. At almost four times the 1080-pixel resolution of current high-definition screens, it creates much finer detail and greater texture. Most major manufacturers, including Sony, Samsung and LG, already have 4K products on the way. More important to the technology's rise will be the fact that a host of content producers and distributors are lining up to support it as well. Until now there has not been enough 4K content to make it a realistic proposition. Prices for 4K TVs are falling, which manufacturers say will encourage uptake.

    Beams of sound immerse you in music others can't hear

    In Jörg Müller’s audio-enabled "BoomRoom" at the Technical University of Berlin, emails and tweets fly around you like a flock of birds, each chirping a subtly different sound that identifies the sender. More urgent messages whizz directly over your head. Touch one and a computer reads it out. Being able to direct sound in such a focused way has only recently become possible thanks to smarter audio processing algorithms, directional loudspeakers and gesture-recognition technology, says Müller. Steering sound exactly where it is wanted is already catching on elsewhere in a number of different real-world applications. Hypersound is being trialed in some branches of McDonald's in California - customers can decide whether or not they want the sound on the restaurants’ televisions beamed to their table. Car makers are also interested in the technology which could allow only the driver to hear the GPS navigation instructions.

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    Irish Nationwide IOM Limited - David Fulton

    We are very pleased with our new website.  Nothing was too much trouble and Charles showed an immediate grasp of our business needs. Our overall impression of Island Web Works is of a professional firm with high standards of quality and delivery.